Casual picture of me in a balloon chair C. E. Brasseur

I am currently a PhD student studying with Dr. Moira Jardine at the University of St Andrews, where my research focuses on magnetic fields on cool stars. I also have an interest in multi-wavelength studies of stellar flares. In addition to stellar astronomy I am a dedicated astronomical software developer, and am involved in the Astropy Project where I am a maintainer for the Astroquery package.


Best flare Another nice flare Neighboring flares

I work with Dr. Rachel Osten, studying stellar flares in the optical and near-ultraviolet, making use of the GALEX and Kepler space telescope surveys. We detected a collection of short-duration ultra-violet flares in the GALEX data, my favorites of which are pictured above. This work is published in Brasseur et al. 2019 and a forthecoming paper will discuss associated Kepler observations.

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Astrocut contains cutout tools for astronomical data. It offers efficent cutouts of Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite full-frame image sets as well as more generic "fits-cut" tools. Astrocut is the software that backs the TESScut and zCut cutout services. I was the original developer and maintainer for this package.

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Astroquery is a set of tools for querying astronomical web forms and databases. It provides streamlined Python access to a plethora of astronomical archives and datasets. I am a package maintainer.

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Astronify contains tools for sonifying astronomical data, particulary timeseries data such as light curves. I am the lead developer and maintainer of this project.


This is a selection of talks and tutorials that I have given where there are materials available on the internet.

Astrocut: A cutout service for TESS full-frame image sets.

Presentation slides.

Work smart not hard: How Astrocut/TESScut efficiently cuts TESS full-frame image sets

Presentation video.

Accessing TESS Data Programmatically: A MAST case study

Software demo repository.

TESScut and ExoMAST: Working with TESS Time Series Data

Workshop repository.

Stellar Flares in GALEX and Kepler

Presentation slides.

Cepheid Variable Stars in Globular Cluster NGC 1866

MSc dissertaion github repository and pdf.


I am also a composer. This is a selection of recordings of my pieces as well as my masters thesis.

Severed Ground

The Duck, A Songbird

Allowing for Ambiguity

Contested Reconstructions

Outside Over There

Ice Eden

Significant Other - soundtrack

Queer and Trans Identity in the Lives of Western Art Musicians

Masters Thesis