Casual picture of me in a balloon chair C. E. Brasseur

I’m a software engineer at the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST). I work on a variety of projects at MAST primarily focussed around our API infrastructure, including the MAST Astroquery module, and astronomical image cutouts including TESScut. My research interests are in stellar astronomy, specifically multi-wavelength studies of stellar flares.

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Astrocut contains cutout tools for astronomical data. It offers efficent cutouts of Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite full-frame image sets as well as more generic "fits-cut" tools. Astrocut is the software that backs the TESScut and zCut cutout services.

I am the sole developer and maintainer for this package.

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Astroquery is a set of tools for querying astronomical web forms and databases. It provides streamlined Python access to a plethora of astronomical archives and datasets.

I am a package maintainer as well as the lead developer of the MAST submodule.

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Astronify contains tools for sonifying astronomical data, particulary timeseries data such as light curves.

I am the lead developer and maintainer of this project.


Best flare Another nice flare Neighboring flares

I work with Dr. Rachel Osten, studying stellar flares in the optical and near-ultraviolet, making use of the GALEX and Kepler space telescope surveys. We detected a collection of short-duration ultra-violet flares in the GALEX data, my favorites of which are pictured above. This work is published in Brasseur et al. 2019 and a forthecoming paper will discuss associated Kepler observations.


This is a selection of talks and tutorials that I have given where there are materials available on the internet.

Astrocut: A cutout service for TESS full-frame image sets.

Presentation slides.

Work smart not hard: How Astrocut/TESScut efficiently cuts TESS full-frame image sets

Presentation video.

Accessing TESS Data Programmatically: A MAST case study

Software demo repository.

TESScut and ExoMAST: Working with TESS Time Series Data

Workshop repository.

Stellar Flares in GALEX and Kepler

Presentation slides.

Cepheid Variable Stars in Globular Cluster NGC 1866

MSc dissertaion github repository and pdf.


I am also a composer. This is a selection of recordings of my pieces as well as my masters thesis.

Severed Ground

The Duck, A Songbird

Allowing for Ambiguity

Contested Reconstructions

Outside Over There

Ice Eden

Significant Other - soundtrack

Queer and Trans Identity in the Lives of Western Art Musicians

Masters Thesis